My main teaching commitment is a new Master’s subject in Species Distribution Modelling, developed and taught together with José Lahoz-Monfort, Jane Elith and Mike Kearney.

Apart from university teaching, I also teach workshops and mini-courses, usually by invitation. I have developed and taught courses of different durations, customised to different target audiences (NGO staff, national park managers, ecologists, statisticians) in several countries.

So far, I have developed and delivered the following courses on Occupancy Modelling methods and related techniques:


First lectures a while ago 🙂

  • [2016] Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA), Spain [27 participants from 12 countries, 5 days], with Marc Kéry and José Lahoz-Monfort
  • [2015] Australian National University in Canberra [20 participants, 2 days]
  • [2014] Quantitative & Applied Ecology Group, Univ. Melbourne [25+ p., half day]
  • [2013] National Centre for Statistical Ecology meeting, UK [20+ p., half day]
  • [2011] Sessions at the “Advances in Species Distribution Modelling summer school”, University of Pavia & Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy [50+ p., 1.5 days own part] –> Materials available by request <–
  • [2009] Kerinci Seblat National Park, Indonesia [~15 participants, 3 days]
  • [2009] Fauna & Flora International, Batang-Hari, Indonesia [~10 participants, 1 day]

I have also taught a mini-course on ‘Maximum-likelihood estimation at the Quantitative & Applied Ecology Group, University of Melbourne [2014, 28 participants, half day].

… most of this work was in collaboration with José Lahoz-Monfort.