Modelling course in Spain

Yesterday José Lahoz, Marc Kéry and I finished teaching our 5-day course on Modelling the distribution of species and communities accounting for detection using R and BUGS/JAGS. The course was hosted by the Population Ecology Group of the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA) in Esporles, Mallorca (Spain)… a really beautiful place!  


with Marc and José

We had a fantastic and varied group of attendants with a range of backgrounds. They were from 12 different countries (spain, portugal, france, uk, netherlands, italy, germany, switzerland, greece, brazil, estonia and canada) and came with plenty of interesting questions and ideas for discussion, so I really enjoyed the week!


The group

In the course, we first reviewed the bases of statistical inference (maximum likelihood and Bayesian). We then discussed and applied the occupancy-detection modelling framework for modelling species distribution patterns, range dynamics and communities. We had a bit of time dedicated to pracs, and Stefano Canessa assisted us with those, which was really helpful.


In the class…

The course was intensive and we worked hard… but we also had time to enjoy. We made new friends and enjoyed the Mallorcan cuisine!


… and having fun!

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